Whole Body Research – Garcinia Cambogia

Whole Body Research - Garcinia Cambogia

I’ve been struggling with my weight for my entire life, so I’ve tried pretty much everything and I’m always looking for the next great supplement that’s supposed to help with weight loss. I tried NutriLife and Weight Watchers and NutriSlim and yeah, basically everything out there.

Well, I was watching TV a few weeks ago and Dr. Oz was talking about something called Garcinia Cambogia that had been recently found to be good for losing weight because of some new medical research into the plant.

Apparently garcinia is a pumpkin-type plant that grows in Asia. I guess they’ve been using it for years over there in their food to suppress appetite and control their weight. It’s only just now come into fashion in the US because of the new research that’s been done with it.

So after hearing about it, I went online to do some research because I wanted to find the best one out there. Dr. Oz says to find a Garcinia supplement that’s pure, with no harmful binders or fillers, and one that also contains potassium because that helps your body process it. He also said to make sure that it contains at least 60% HCA or hydroxycitric acid because that’s the level of HCA they used in the clinical test.

I found that the Whole Body Research Garcinia fit all of the requirements, so I ordered some of that and have been using it for about 3 weeks. It really seems to be working. I’ve been eating less, I have more energy, and I feel lighter than ever before. I don’t have that bloated feeling anymore. So it seems to be working and I think I’m going to keep using it. If you’re looking for a good pure Garcinia Cambogia, I’d definitely recommend the Whole Body Research brand. For one thing, they’re an American company and the supplements are made and tested in America. Which is of course not true for almost every other supplement out there I checked out. I even called their customer service and was able to ask them some questions about the company and they were extremely helpful.


I hope that if you’re out there looking for something to kickstart yourself back on the track to good health that you find something that works for you– I’m amazed at how Garcinia seems to be helping me get going. Good luck!


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